YouTube adding Channel Membership levels to help creators with revenue

Money is something that any content creator on YouTube, and content creators in general, needs to think about with ads, merchandise and sponsorships alone not enough in many cases. This is something that the online platform is aware of and seemingly wanting to assist with, as Channel Membership levels are on the cards for YouTube.

YouTube first made the option of Channel Membership available last year, starting at $4.99 per month, but now Engadget is reporting that more tiers are being added to the mix.

For the forthcoming tiers members would receive added perks from creators such as live streams, additional exclusive videos and on-stream or video shoutouts. From a creator perspective, they’ll be able to set up as many as five different membership tiers for their channel, with the program reportedly proving quite profitable for creators.

Engadget explains that the divisive Fine Brothers Entertainment saw its channel revenue increase by five time times since introducing different membership levels.

As such it looks like YouTube is trying to steal a few plays out of the Twitch book when it comes to revenue methods for its creators.

Should a large number of creators sign up for this service, it should prove interesting to see what happens to the amount and quality of “free” content that creators make, especially as making content for their membership tiers could prove a more viable business model.

That, however, still remains to be seen, with YouTube yet to mention when Channel Membership levels will be made available to the wider creator community.

Regardless though, it looks like the platform is looking beyond ads as a means of revenue.


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