All roads lead to this 3D printed & articulated Pathfinder

Full size 3D prints from Apex Legends have been rather popular with the Peacekeeper and Shield Cell being featured here before. Today, however, we have something at a smaller scale with this miniature Pathfinder.

Maker Thomas Davis (who goes by 3DofTom if you’re looking for more of his work) is behind this project, and is the same person who made this impressive version of The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes. Like that print, this new one not only looks the part but features impressive articulation.

Pathfinder started life in ZBrush where the boolean feature was used to make the various joints used here.

“The most challenging part was making sure that the parts would be oriented as to not negatively effect the integrity of the joints,” Davis tells us, “If the layer lines were going the wrong way then the hip joint for example would snap if any pressure were applied. The next challenging part was just making sure it would print without supports.”

While this project was worked on in his free time, tallying up all the hours and the modelling alone worked out to 100 hours of effort.

Printing, thankfully, took less time to finish with the version you see on this page taking between 12 and 18 hours to complete.

Once assembled Pathfinder stands eight inches tall (20.32 centimetres). Due to the slender design of the character it looks smaller once in the hand.

If you’d like to make your own version of this model, the files are available for free on MyMiniFactory.

We really hope someone takes this and adds some colour with a paint job that reflects the quality of the model underneath. We’re also interested to see what the screen in the chest can be used for with “3DofTom” being the default piece of text. Maybe we’ll even see someone building a functional screen in there.

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