Dating app Bumble urges users to act on the Amazon fires

Bumble – a dating app similar to Tinder with the unique selling point that woman need to message men first – has done something rather unique to try to address the current fires destroying the Amazon rainforest.

Users swiping through the app looking for potential matches may have recently come across something that isn’t a person, but is instead an image with an outgoing link. Many dating apps inserts adverts like this but, as far as we can tell, Bumble is doing this of its own accord.

This is backed up by the fact that the link goes to their own site, under their blog section called “The Buzz”. Entitled “Here’s How You Can Help Save The Amazon Rainforest” the post explains why the Amazon is so important, what’s happening to it right now, and seven ways anyone with an internet connection can help.

Not everyone can do everything on the list – the suggestion to “write your Senator or Congressperson” won’t apply to those outside of the US – but most of it is solid enough to follow if you care enough to read that far.

How effective those methods are at actually extinguishing any fires is dubious, but it is nice to see a company, any company, do something like this when they really have nothing to gain outside of maybe some positive PR.

Regardless, users of the app can ignore the suggested article by swiping left. Swiping right or clicking on the image will open the webpage, or you can read it here.


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