EA adds female coaches and customisation to FIFA 20 career mode

In the lead up to the cross-platform release of FIFA 20 on 27th September, EA Sports has been touting the new street football mode called Volta in the game. While that could prove fun, one of the more interesting additions to this year’s iteration of the title comes to Career Mode.

More specifically the addition of female coaches and greater customisation options as to the look of your in-game coach. This is a welcome change especially as previous iterations of FIFA opted for nine different face options, with the majority being old white men.

In terms of the customisation that will be made available, the most recent Pitch Notes update for FIFA 20 explains that players will be able to change the body type, skin tone, clothing and hairstyle of managers, making it closer to the experience you go through when creating a footballer for the Player version of Career Mode.

There will also be an increased level of interactivity, which should offer a similar experience to that of Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer, with a manager’s actions in press conferences and squad rotations having an impact on team morale. Added to this is the ability to effect individual player morale during one-to-one chats.

While these may not seem like groundbreaking changes to a title that’s been going for as long as FIFA has, but the fact that they’ve been added finally should provide a bit more incentive to try out the Career Mode.

With Ultimate Team being the main aspect of FIFA that most gamers opt for, it’s at least good to see that other modes in-game are getting a bit more attention.


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