Netflix’s newly added Latest section is designed to retain subscribers

A few weeks ago, Netflix’s Q2 results saw a loss of subscribers Stateside, but the streaming platform put it down to a bump in prices. Regardless of what the dip in numbers was, Netflix is int he business of getting eyes on its content, which is what the new Latest section on the TV app version of the platform is all about.

Revealed earlier this week, the Latest section is designed to help viewers keep better track of the Originals content that Netflix continues to invest heavily in. While shows like Stranger Things, GLOW and Master of None have huge streaming numbers, there are still plenty of new shows on the service that go unnoticed and unwatched.

This is where the Latest section will aim to play a part, with it being a dedicated area of the TV version of the app, found below the Home tab on the left hand side.

Speaking to Variety, Netflix explains that the Latest section will showcase new and upcoming content coming to the platform, with he first row displaying brand new series and movies. Added to this will be personalised rows, which will display suggested shows based on what a Netflix viewer has watched previously.

As such if you’re a big Netflix stand-up comedy fan, more suggestions from other comedians will begin to populate your Latest section.

Added to this is the ability to click on and view trailers for upcoming series, as well as setting reminders to view them once they’re available on Netflix.

The streaming service says this new feature is available globally on TV apps that support Netflix, such as Apple TV and Roku. It adds that the iOS and Android versions of the app are being tested for Latest section functionality. There is no word on when Smart TVs and gaming consoles will receive the functionality though.

Either way it should be interesting to see if this new feature will have the desired effect and help Netflix retain subscribers.


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