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No matter how careful you are with your data, losing it will happen to all of us at one time or another. Sometimes it’s a careless format of a drive we thought we empty. Sometimes it’s an inopportune loss of power that causes corruption. Sometimes it’s the careless co-worker, or kid, who gets on our important devices and messes around until things are irrecoverable.

Well, that last part doesn’t have to be true as Remo data recovery exists and is the perfect solution should any of the above happen to you.

Let’s say you’ve already lost some data or you just can’t find a file you know should be somewhere on your machine, and you’ve begun looking online for a solution. Putting aside the exorbitantly expensive professional options – which sometimes require you to send in your drivers or entire computer – most of the services and software out there require upfront payment before you can even be sure that recovery is viable.

Thankfully Remo’s hard drive data recovery works a bit differently, offering you a free demo version download first. This demo lets you what files are available to be recovered, at which point you can upgrade to a paid edition which lets you get those files back.

Yes, unlike other recovery software which will sell you a “one size fits all” solution, Remo does things a bit differently. In the past you’d need to buy something that will work for everyone, usually paying for options you may not need. Instead, the three different editions on offer here directly correlate to what type of data you need to recover.

The Basic Edition is what many need when files are deleted by mistake, or when the recycle bin as been emptied with important data in it. After confirming that your data is still there using the demo, upgrading to the Basic Edition will let you fish those files back out.

Going up a tier and the Media Edition is for those who haven’t just lost important Word documents or spreadsheets. With this version all kinds of media files like video, photos and music can be retrieved. And, if that’s not enough, it can also be used to avoid bad sectors on the storage medium. Bad sectors are faulty parts of the memory which may not be reliable, so avoiding them may prevent the need to recover data in the future.

Finally there is the Pro Edition which, as the name suggests, offers up many more options and utilities. With this you can recover data from formatted drives, lost or deleted partitions, and re-partitioned drives. It also assists in recovery after a Windows reinstall, which is usually a stressful process on its own even when all your data is intact.

Aside from saving you money by not selling you features you don’t need, the higher tier versions of the software also retain all the features from the previous tiers. Pro Edition encompasses all that’s on offer here, and the Media Edition has all the same functionality as the Basic Edition and more. This is great because, while you may the software to solve one problem, if another pops up in the future you can solve it without another purchase.

But before that remember that you can give it a go using the free demo of the hard drive recovery software.


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