Summon your own Bahamut with this Final Fantasy 3D print

The Final Fantasy series is once again a source of inspiration in the world of 3D printing with the Bahamut’s design in VIII being the source of this impressive scale model.

MyMiniFactory user Kuro Son created this piece and was kind enough to tell us how it went from idea to the finished piece you can see in the gallery below.

Bahamut started life in ZBrush where most of the modelling work was done, and Blender was used too for the posing and some rendering attempts.

Work on this stage began back in mid December of 2018 and continued until early April this year. This time isn’t continuous, however, as it was worked on in free time over those months.

Including failed prints, retries and other mistakes printing took around two weeks to complete with the final print requiring between 30 and 50 hours.

In the end Bahamut is 3D printed in two different ways: the wings are done in a regular filament printer while the body is done with resin instead. You can see the two jointed together in this picture taken before painting.

Once assembled this print stands 18 centimetres high and is a rather imposing display piece with the massive wing span.

If you’d like to make your own version of this print the files to do so are available for free from MyMiniFactory.

Aside from the material you’ll need to make the figure itself, some kind of stand or base is required here as the model is not made to balance on its own. A nice circular pedestal is used here, but you can substitute any kind of base you’d like.

Those looking for other Final Fantasy prints are in luck as there’s seemingly been an increase in them lately. We featured the Bishop and Rook Autoturrets as well as Vincent Valentine’s triple barrel revolver Cerberus just recently.

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