Fan art pours in for the newest Pokémon Sirfetch’d

Recently the newest announcement for the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games revealed Sirfetch’d – the Galar region evolution of the first gen Farfetch’d.

People have been asking for an evolution of this Pokémon for decades now, and Game Freak has obliged. As the artists of the internet do, they’ve already been hard at work creating fan art and memes around the new addition.

Sirfetch’d is particularly suited for the this due to its smug expression and the sheer absurdity of a duck wielding vegetables as weapons.

The announcement also came with a look into this Pokémon’s unique personality, thanks to a short trailer. In it we see Sirfetch’d attacks its trainer when they try to play with it. We’re not sure if the Pokémon’s “sword” can harm a human, but it’s a humorous moment and adds a lot of flavour to such a new inclusion into the franchise.

Twitter has been particularly busy with the work of artists creating content around this new Pokémon, so we’ve gathered a load of them for you to view below. Some of them have even put in the time to create videos instead of static images.

Due to the fact that a recurring joke here is the length of Sirfetch’d sword, make sure to open the images in a new tab to see the full pieces. This joins the likes of Galarian Weezing and Alolan Exeggutor in taking an old Pokémon and giving an evolution that is characterised by being absurdly long or tall.

This flood of fan creations seems to accompany every single announcement for the games, and we last saw it happen like this in June following a Nintendo Direct. The fandom doesn’t just stick to 2D art either, as we’re even seeing some 3D prints like this one of fan favourite Wooloo.

Pokémon Sword and Shield launch on 15th November with Sirfetch’d being an exclusive to Sword. We’re not sure why exactly that is given the fact that this Pokémon also prominently features a Shield though.


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