Fox McCloud’s 3D printed blaster doesn’t shoot, but it does light up

3D Prints from the Star Fox franchise don’t pop up too often but we’ve got one to look at today thanks to Fox McCloud appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

MyMiniFactory user woushis has replicated the blaster as seen in the game and was kind enough to tell us how it was made.

“For the modelling, I was inspired by the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer (I did the modelling before the game was released) and some images available on Google,” woushis says, “I am very fond of the character of Fox McCloud and the Star Fox universe. I had already modelled the old version of the fox gun for my cosplay, being the first to make the new version with this time the lights was an additional motivation.”

That modelling work was done in Fusion 360 but finding accurate reference images for each small part of the project was a challenge at this stage. On top of this the need to integrate the LEDs and their power source added another layer of complexity.

With all of that in mind this part of the project took round 16 hours to complete before the blaster could be sent to the 3D printer.

Printing took even longer at 28 hours, with the assembled pieces measuring in at 24.5 X 17 X 4 centimetres. You can see how large this is in comparison to an amiibo in the images below.

For finishing spray putty was applied before everything was sanded down. A black colour acted as the base here as that’s the colour of the majority of the blaster, and model paints were used to add in the rest of the accents.

For the all important lighting setup a total of nine LEDs were used – three blue and six yellow. These are fed by cells from a power bank hidden inside of the plastic. These additions, together with the sanding and painting added another ten hours of work into the blaster.

If you’d like to make your own version of this project the files to do so are available for free over on MyMiniFactory. 

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