Garmin South Africa website hacked – CC numbers, expiry dates and more compromised

Garmin South Africa has this afternoon alerted users to a security incident involving its website.

The data breach is limited to the South African website but that’s not exactly good news for anybody who has keyed payment information into that portal.

The firm says that credit card numbers, expiration dates, CVV codes, first names, last names, physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses were all contained in the stolen data.

“We recommend that you review and monitor your payment card records to make sure there were no unauthorized purchases. If you suspect any fraud, please contact your bank or payment card provider for further direction,” advised Garmin South Africa’s managing director, Jennifer Van Niekerk.

As of time of publication the website is inaccessible displaying a “temporarily unavailable” message.

“As a valued customer, we apologize for this incident and assure you that Garmin takes our obligation to safeguard personal data very seriously,” concluded van Neikerk.

As of this afternoon it is unclear how many customers have had their data compromised.

Hypertext has contacted Garmin South Africa for additional information regarding the breach. As of time of publication we have not heard back from the firm.

With that having been said as soon as we have received an update from the firm we will be sure to share that information with you.

For now, check your bank statements and keep an eye on your accounts for suspicious activity.

Given that the attackers also have your email address, cell number and address, we also recommend you be aware of potential social engineering and spear phishing tactics from the thieves in a bid to gain additional information.


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