How to watch tonight’s iPhone 11 event

By this time tomorrow (depending on when you’re reading this) Apple would have unveiled its latest range of smartphones, with an event happening at the Cupertino-based firm’s Steve Jobs Theatre at 19:00 this evening. Although unconfirmed, that forthcoming device is believed to be the iPhone 11, as Apple has seemingly decided to ditch the X naming convention.

It’s a smart move in our books, especially as the two most recent iterations of iPhone proved a little confusing, not least of all because they were quite similar in the specs department.

Oh, back to tonight’s event which is being live streamed on two main platforms. The first is the Apple Events site which is the best experience for those planning to watch on a Safari compatible device. The other option for everyone else is YouTube, with the iPhone 11 event being the first time that Apple has hosted a live stream on the platform.

You can tune into the live stream via either of the aforementioned methods, but we’ll also embedded the video for the event below, to make things a little bit easier.

If of course you do not have the necessary connectivity, or data, to watch an hour-plus live stream, we’ll also be live tweeting all the important announcements and information on Twitter here.

With much expected from the iPhone 11, particularly as Apple’s smartphone sales have been sliding of late, it should be interesting to see if the firm can innovate once again with this upcoming offering.

With the Galaxy Note 10 already available locally, as well as the Huawei Mate 30 expected later this month, it should prove interesting to see how the iPhone 11 compares.


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