The Legend of Bum-bo is a Binding of Isaac prequel available in November

The Binding of Isaac is one of the most influential indie games ever released, and now we’re getting more from that universe in the form of a prequel game called The Legend of Bum-bo.

While we’ve been hearing bits and pieces about this title for a while now, we finally have a fancy new trailer (embedded below) and a release date of 12th November.

It’s a bit difficult to see exactly how the game plays from the trailer, but at it’s core it’s a matching puzzle game that also has a deck building element and randomisation to compliment its roguelike nature.

All of this is presented in an amazing paper craft aesthetic where everything looks like it was cut out and made from real cardboard.

It now has a Steam page which details the fact that there will be more than a 100 unique items and 80 plus unique passive trinkets. These can be used by four playable characters which will square off against 30 types of enemies and 10 bosses.

Developer Edmund McMillen also shared additional details about the project on Twitter. After the Steam release in November The Legend of Bum-bo will come to iOS and the Nintendo Switch “later”.

It’s not just a solo effort by McMillen either, as he’s joined in development by James Interactive. Several other parties are also involved in the sound side of things.

If you’ve not played Isaac, Bum-bo (sometimes “Bumbo”) is an item you can pick up in the game that acts as familiar that eats coins and assists the player. As This new game takes place around a month before Isaac, we’ll hopefully learn how that situation came to be.


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