Extended gameplay reveals more of The Legend of Bum-bo

Arguably the most influential of the new breed of roguelikes, The Binding of Isaac, has a sequel due this November in The Legend of Bum-bo. With the release month looming we’re starting to get longer gameplay reveals to see how exactly the various systems in it work.

When we got the release date announcement for the game in September, we were shown that the title would mix matching puzzles, combat, and random deck building, and this extended 20+ minute gameplay (embedded below) gives a proper look at it.

When matching puzzle pieces, completing a match unlocks some kind of move you can use which affects enemies in a lane. This can be an attack, a shield, a buff and more.

Love or hate the gameplay the aesthetic here is rather amazing. Seeing the entire game – including UI – made of faux cardboard and other art supplies is a real feat. There’s a lot of lovely detailing inherent in this design, such as the health indicator being hearts suspended on string, and words being made to look like marker on cardboard.

Aside from fighting regular enemies we get to see a boss fight called Loaf, which spawns other enemies. In true roguelike fashion the dev manages to beat the boss with just one half heart remaining.

This gameplay is titled “Bum-bo The Nimble” as it shows off one such class that can be played. “Bum-bo The Weird” received a similar video last week.

Livestreams and “a few more surprises” are coming closer to release, so you’ll be seeing more of the game before you’re able to play it.


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