Gear Power and two currencies revealed for Marvel’s Avengers

A recently released “Game Overview” video for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, revealed that there’s a lot more RPG mechanics in it than we expected based on past reveals. This also comes with some worrisome elements in the form of gear levels and currency types.

At around 1:48 in the trailer (embedded below) we’re shown a Gear screen for Iron Man. Four different types of Gear can be equipped here: Melee Gear, Ranged Gear, Defence Gear and Heroic Gear. For Iron Man these classes of equipment take the form of gauntlets, repulsors, armour plates and arc reactors respectively.

On the bottom of the screen there are no less than ten different types of resources to power up these pieces of equipment. In addition to this, in the top right corner, there seems to be two types of currencies: one bearing the Avengers logo, and the other the SHIELD logo.

The dual currency system – in which one type can be earned in game and the other can be bought with real money – is one that’s extremely common in modern games, but that may not be the case here.

At E3 2019 this year, developer Crystal Dynamics revealed that the game would have microtransactions, but only for the custom outfits, something we do get to see in this new trailer. These outfits would be bought outright with no lootbox or randomised mechanics, and there would be “nothing that affects gameplay” which can be bought with real money.

While we’d like to say this is reassuring, years of companies backtracking on their word has left us extremely hesitant to fully believe these claims.

Putting our paranoia aside, this trailer actually looks great and has gone a long way to get us interesting in this game after the middling reveals we’ve had so far.

Those aforementioned outfits actually look fantastic and the ability to play as Joe Fixit (the grey version of Hulk in a suit who worked as a Las Vegas enforcer) has us excited. On top of these outfits from the history of Marvel, new original looks are also promised.

Fans of playing alone or with others are both accounted for here as there are two types of missions which can be played. Hero Missions are singleplayer only and focus on showcasing specific members of the Avengers. Warzone Missions can also be played on your own, or you can play co-op with up to four players.

We’re also getting some Xcom vibes here as the newly reassembled Avengers are using a downed Hellicarrier as a base which can be upgraded. From here the team undertakes missions, leaving the base (on what looks to be a Quinjet).

There’s other stuff to snoop into here, such as the the importance of main enemy faction AIM, and the presence of Terrigen Crystals, which are usually tied to the existence of Inhumans.

Marvel’s Avengers still some time away from release with a 15th May launch date on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.


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