Twitter’s DM filter is ready to protect you from abusive messages

Folks who leave their Direct Messages (DM) open are getting a bit of protection against abusive messages today.

Following a month and a half of testing, Twitter is rolling its DM filter out to its iOS, Android and web applications.

The filter acts in a similar way to the hidden replies feature you might’ve seen in recent weeks albeit with a bit more nuance. Users who head to the Additional Messages category will now see tweets that may contain offensive content marked as such.

You’ll then have to option to delete the message without ever having to see what the message says.

With some folks following thousands – if not millions – of accounts, this feature feels like it has been a long time coming.

As Twitter points out in its tweet above, the filter helps cut through the noise.

What we do wonder is whether this filter will have an adverse effect on folks reporting others for abusing the platform. Since you won’t be seeing the offending content anymore it would make it rather difficult to report a user.

That having been said, there’s nothing stopping you from viewing the content of the tweet before deleting it though that really defeats the point of the filter.

As mentioned the filter is being rolled out across Twitter’s ecosystem of apps and you should now be able to leave your Twitter DMs open without worrying about seeing unwanted content.


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