Vince Offer is still advertising the Shamwow in 2019

Before we were calling them memes, Vince Offer became popular for appearing in infomercials for the Shamwow and Slap Chop. While most people have moved on from the joke and his famous grin, Offer is still going at it.

At some point in the past we discovered what looks to be his YouTube channel. There, it seems, Offer is still hocking the various products that made him famous, as well as some other video content such as comedy sketches. Here’s “The Amazing Racist” if you really need an example.

Regardless of outdated comedy, the channel lit up again recently with two new infomercials for the Shamwow. One uploaded two weeks ago is exactly what you’d expect, but with the modern twist of suggesting that you can buy the product from Amazon.

The other video (embedded below) is labelled as “non PC”. We’ve watched both videos multiple times and the only differences we can find are two jokes – one about the homeless, and another about the environment. They’re extremely tame, in our opinion, so we’re not sure why it necessitated another upload.

Regardless, the real news here is that this product is still being sold and still being advertised by the same guy. All of this is compounded by the enigma of Offer himself. From his run ins with the law to his weird connection to Scientology, he’s just the kind of strange you’d expect.

We’d be remiss not to mention the “Shamwow Guy in Jail” sketch that CollegeHumor did back in 2009. It features Thomas Middleditch as a stand in for Offer years before he became widely known thanks to the Silicon Valley show.

Finally, if you’re an absolute stickler for brand names, you may have noticed that we wrote the product here as “Shamwow” whereas it’s usually stylised with a capital W as “ShamWow”. This new commercial, as well as the naming on the official site, forgoes the capital W, so we did too.


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