What’s hitting Netflix in November?

Netflix has revealed the original TV series and movies hitting the platform next month.

Aside from the Netflix Originals there are a number of licensed titles coming to Netflix in November. These titles include –

  • The 100: Season 5 – 1st November
  • Revolutionary Road – 1st November
  • Girls Trip – 2nd November
  • The Emoji Movie – 22nd November
  • Happy Death Day – 22nd November

As for Netflix Originals, here are some of the highlights you can expect throughout the month.

Fans of Queer Eye will be pleased to know that the Fab Five are back although this time they’re in Japan. The five will bring their expertise to Tokyo in Queer Eye: We’re in Japan, where they will experience cuisine, fashion, design and more.

Then in terms of movies Holiday in the Wild looks interesting. The film follows Kate Conrad (played by Kristin Davis) who heads to Africa on a solo safari. Along the way she helps her pilot Derek Holliston (played by Rob Lowe) rescue a baby elephant.

For the doccie lovers Fire in Paradise will take a look at the California fires of 2018. It should be rather interesting watch especially for us here in South Africa where wild fires are a regular occurrence.

All three of the above launch on 1st November.

There is only one release on 4th November but it’s a big one that warrants mentioning.

The Devil Next Door follows the story of John Demjanjuk who enjoyed a quiet life in the US before he was made to stand trial in Israel following accusations he was Nazi death camp leader, Ivan the Terrible.

The documentary will be presented in five parts.

The End of the F**king World: Season 2 hits screens on 5th November. The series picks up two years after James and Alyssa’s roadtrip. This time however, a woman obsessed with the man the pair killed is out for revenge.

Saturday Night Live comedian turned late night TV host Seth Meyers presents Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby, a Netflix Original Comedy Special on the same day. Meyers will touch on fatherhood, politics and more on 5th November.

Fast forwarding a bit, Hasan Minhaj returns with Patriot Act’s fifth season. Minhaj has a knack for making complex situations easy to digest and if you aren’t a Netflix subscriber, all the episodes are uploaded to YouTube where you can watch them for free. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj returns on 10th November.

If you enjoyed Hustle and Flow and you want some more music themed “reality TV” then Charli XCX has something for you. I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry follows four women as they form Nasty Cherry – an alt-pop band. We’re not saying this is Josie and the Pussycats for 2019 but it does give us that impression but we’ll definitely be watching it on 15th November.

The Toys that Made Us showcases its third season on 15th November and you’ll get to see the origins of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony and more.

Then, fast forwarding to the end of the month (or the 27th November), the long awaited Netflix Original, The Irishman, lands on the platform.

The film features Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in a film that explores the mysterious disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. The Irishman is directed by Martin Scorsese.

There is a lot of content for fans of movies, doccies and series on Netflix next month.

Still no The Witcher series however. That having been said rumours suggest we’ll be getting that in December.

Other notable releases are listed below:

  • Ad Vitam – 1st November
  • American Son – 1st November
  • We are the Wave – 1st November
  • The King – 1st November
  • SCAMS – 6th November
  • Greatest Events of WWII in HD Colour – 8th November
  • The Great British Baking Show – 8th November
  • Maradona in Mexico – 13th November
  • The Stranded – 14th November
  • Klaus – 14th November
  • The Crown: Season 3 – 17th November
  • Dolly Parton’s Hearthstrings – 22nd November
  • Broken – 27th November
  • The Movies That Made Us – 29th November

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