African countries are the fastest growing GitHub contributors

Software development and sharing platform GitHub recently released its “State of the Octoverse” report which reveals who uses its platform, and how, in 2019.

The leading figure from the report is the fact that 80 percent of contributors to the site are from outside of the US, where the site is based. While it is interesting to see such a strong international presence, of interest to us in Africa is what software devs from our continent have been doing on GitHub.

By percentage growth of open source projects, Nigerian leads the way with 59 percent in this category. Kenya is third with 44 percent, Tunisia ninth at 40 percent and Morocco tenth with 39 percent.

Of the top 10 countries in this category, Africa claims three spots:

Top 10 countries by percentage growth of open source projects. Source – GitHub

GitHub has dedicated a regional spotlight to Africa as it has the highest growth percentage when compared to every other continent. Developers from Africa contributed 40 percent more open source repositories when compared to last year, which is the largest leap on the board.

In terms of fastest growing developer communities, Morocco places first at 65 percent more contributors this year than last. South Africa, in fifth, comes in at 40 percent.

These top five countries by growth all have more than ten thousand contributors.

Fastest growing African countries on GitHub by contributor (more than 10K contributors in 2018). Source – GitHub

Outside of those top five it’s also worth looking at the smaller countries which have GitHub developer communities with less than ten thousand members.

In this category Mayotte, Guinea-Bissau and Seychelles claim the top three spots with 638 percent, 550 percent and 369 percent increases respectively.

While those percentages are indeed impressive, it’s worth remembering them in context. If, at any point while reading the report, you’d like to know more about how a statistic was put together, click on the blue asterisks which will give more information about that specific category.

The full report can be read here and makes for an interesting read even if you’re not a developer yourself. Seeing where your country places in the various categories is good for some national pride, if nothing else.

Fastest growing African countries on GitHub by contributor (less than 10K contributors in 2018). Source – GitHub

[Image – Pixabay]


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