Gfycat to start deleting anonymous, unused gifs later this month

There are a lot of online platforms out there for creating gifs, but Gfycat is one of the better ones out there. Unfortunately certain gifs on that site will be deleted this month.

Come 18th November any gif on Gfycat which is “infrequently accessed” and older than one year will be removed.

Anyone who uses the platform regularly shouldn’t be too concerned, however, as this will only affect gifs uploaded anonymously. This means uploads from those who have not registered as a user on Gfycat.

This change, then, will only really affect those who visit the site a lot to make gifs, but have never bothered to create an account. As the site is designed to quickly make and share gifs, we can actually see this affecting many who may not realise it.

Created a gif to send to a friend once and then forgot about it? Needed a quick and dirty moving picture for a site embed? Those are the kinds of uploads which are facing the axe here.

While any user created content being removed is usually a bad thing, we can’t fault Gfycat here. Server space is expensive and getting rid of only the most fringe content which very few see isn’t too extreme.

As for an exact definition of what “infrequently accessed” precisely means, the official Gfycat Help Twitter account has covered it (and a few other FAQs) in this thread . The cutoff here is 200 views but, again, this does not apply to registered users. If you have an account full of barely watched gifs, these will be safe.

And yes, we did use Gfycat itself to make the header image for this story. One of the many tools we love on the site is the ability to reduce the files size of gifs to more manageable amounts to make web pages load faster.


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