GitHub introduces beta app on iOS

Software dev platform GitHub is finally, officially, expanding into the app world with a beta for what it is simply calling “GitHub for mobile”.

This app is intended to offer some limited functionality of the platform, such as typing up feedback on a project, reviewing segments of code and merging changes.

Unlike some apps this isn’t meant to replace the desktop experience, it’s intended to give you some way to interact with GitHub when you’re up and out.

Those eager to jump in before the 1.0 release will be happy to know that it’s in beta right now, but only on iOS. An Android beta is coming, but no date has been given.

If you’d like to jump in regardless of platform the sparse dedicated page for GitHub for mobile can be found here. From this page you can choose your platform to be involved in, but both require that you create or log into a GitHub account.

For iOS you will need to provide your Apple ID address, after which a TestFlight invitation will be sent to you. By following the same page you can also provide an email address which will receive a notification app beta is ready on Android.

It’s also worth noting several caveats here. After joining the beta you can be removed from it if you do not use it within two weeks of downloading it. The reason provided for this is to make room for more active users on the waitlist.

There’s also a terms of service for this programme as well as a privacy statement, both of which you’ll want to read over if you plan on using this in any professional capacity.

There are a few third party apps for GitHub out there, but it’s nice to see something official coming from the company. Hopefully this first party support, as well as beta feedback, makes this the best of the bunch.

Even in its beta form the app supports dark mode:


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