Overgrowth dev highlights Captain America shield mod

We’re still more than six months away from the Square Enix Avengers game, but you can have some unofficial Captain America shield throwing fun right now thanks to an Overgrowth mod.

Steam user The Turbo Turnip has created the “Supershield Mod” which adds a weapon to the game which works much like the bouncy shield we all know and love. It looks like MCU shield too, albeit with a crude bunny head (or is that a turnip?) in place of the familiar central star.

Due to Overgrowth’s rather detailed combat weapon mods for it are rather popular, and this one seems to even get the developer Wolfire Games’ nod of approval.

On its official YouTube channel it released something of a showcase for the mod. Aside from the infectious enthusiasm about the addition to the game, it’s also a very quick tutorial on how the mod works and how to get the shield in the game.

The shield will, of course, bounce of off enemies before returning to your hand, but there’s also unpredictability in the flight path so it’s not always smooth sailing.

You can also do some Winter Soldier roleplaying because enemies in the game can also catch your shield right out of the air.

While the shield does wobble quite a bit while flying around, it’s still a fantastic piece of fan work that you can get from the Steam Workshop. You will, of course, need Overgrowth itself, which is also on Steam.


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