Spotify Free adds support for Alexa, Sonos and Bose speakers

There is a new feature on the way for those who enjoy using the free version of Spotify. The music streaming platform confirmed earlier this week that support for speakers running Amazon Alexa, as well as those made by Sonos and Bose will be available in the coming days.

There is one caveat for those in South Africa though, with the support only rolling out to those Spotify Free users in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. As such there is no word on when those locally can access it, and much if it may have to do with the fact that Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant is in the mix here.

The assistant features on both Sonos and Bose smart speakers, but there are a few options from the latter manufacturer that run using Google Assistant instead.

Spotify adds that some other Bose devices, mainly sound bars, will also add support, along a handful of newer Sonos offerings. The streaming platform also explained how to utilise the new feature.

“To play music using your Smart Speaker through Spotify Connect, first make sure that your Sonos or Bose system is updated to the latest firmware. Then open the Spotify app on your phone, laptop or tablet. Play any song, then select the ‘devices’ icon. Finally, select the device you want to stream from and start listening,” a blog post about the announcement notes.

Should this latest bit of news not be what you were hoping to hear, Spotify is running a promotion for the premium version of the application locally, allowing users who have previously tried out the free trial of Spotify Premium, to get access for the first three months at a discounted rate.


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