Influencers can no longer promote vaping or weapons on Instagram

Facebook is closing a loophole in its policies that allowed influencers promote vaping, tobacco products and weapons on behalf of brands.

While advertising for those products is restricted on Facebook and Instagram, private users posting about a new vape flavour or any of the other aforementioned products is perfectly fine. Brands have capitalised on that and have hired influencers to promote their products where they cannot.

But that is set to change as Facebook announced that in the coming weeks, branded content featuring vaping, tobacco products or weapons would be banned from the platform altogether.

Advertising promoting diet supplements and alcohol will also need to follow “special restrictions” according to CNBC. Rather than a ban these appear to be about restricting the reach of advertising to a specific age group but it is unclear at this stage what Facebook intends to do.

When exactly these restrictions will be put in place is unclear but if you are an influencer promoting any of the products above, you may want to start knocking on the doors of other, less controversial brands.


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