YouTube cops out of Rewind 2019 by making a montage of successful videos

Every year YouTube produces and releases a video called Rewind with the intention of it being a showcase of all the creative and special content which appeared on the platform in the last year and made it special from other video sites out there.

Unfortunately, for the past few years, YouTube Rewind has been a complete joke both to the community of creators who make videos on the site, and the people who watch those videos.

Rewinds of recent times have focused on celebrities, dead fads, big brands, instead of the unique small productions and personality-driven content which separates YouTube from every other platform out there.

The Rewind for 2018 was the culmination of YouTube’s misguided efforts in this regard becoming the most disliked video on the platform. It heavily featured Will Smith of all people, together with a weird focus on topics like kpop and Fortnite. At the time of writing it has more than 17 million dislikes, and just 2.3 million likes.

So after that blunder, what did YouTube do for 2019 to show its community it has learned something and can listen? Well they did the simplest, safest thing imaginable and made a supercut of videos that did well on the platform in the past year.

Gone are the clips in which big names from the site would come in and make new content for Rewind. Gone is any kind of focus on smaller channels, with quite the opposite being true. Gone is just about any remaining confidence that the people running the show understands what makes YouTube special.

To dash more people’s hopes, there’s also no focus on the last decade as a whole with 2019 ushering the end of the 2010 era.

So here’s Rewind 2019, basically a montage of an awards ceremony for those who are already successful and not much at else. At the time of writing it has around two million dislikes compared to one million likes.

Oh well, at least there’s no Will Smith.


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