DJI launches new high-frame rate thermal imaging camera

Since launching its Zenmuse XT thermal drone camera in 2015, DJI has been steadily improving its technology.

Those improvements have brought about the latest thermal imaging camera in the Zenmuse XT S.

The camera sports a 19mm lens and the sensor is a 640×512 affair with a 25Hz refresh rate. The Zenmuse XT S also sports 2x and 4x zoom.

While that frame rate doesn’t seem that high what with 144Hz monitors becoming more common, it is rather high for a thermal imaging camera as is the resolution.

The camera is made for DJI’s Matrice 200 and Matrice 200 Series V2 drones which are pictured above. That is very important to note as not all DJI drones will support this camera and its functionality.

With that having been said, the features you can expect including the following:

  • Spot Meter: Tap a point for real-time temperature measurements.
  • Area Measurement: Select an area to get the max, min and average temperatures.
  • Temp Alarm: Get notified when an object’s temperature exceeds a pre-set limit.
  • Color Palettes: Adjust the colors applied to thermal data.
  • Isotherm: Select how colors are distributed across a specific temperature range.

All images captured are stored in R-JPEG format and can be analysed with the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool post-flight. For analysis in-flight, the DJI Pilot App allows operators to access information in real-time.

The DJI Zenmuse XT S is available right now according to DJI but we can seem to find the product just yet. For those who are in the market for a thermal imaging for your drone, it’s probably best to get in touch with a supplier such as Droneworld for information regarding pricing and availability.


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