Kaspersky’s Android app testing tool is now publicly available

Testing an app ahead of release can be a time intensive and laborious task and Kaspersky seeks to make it easier.

It hopes to do this by making its Android Automated Testing Framework to developers in the form of Kaspresso.

The application is based on twp libraries for creating automated tests – Kakao and Espresso. However, Kaspersky says that it has addressed some of the shortfalls those libraries present.

For example, Kaspersky has added the ability to log actions made by Espresso tests as well as the ability to modify those actions.

Kaspresso also helps deal with flaky tests which are tests that present a failure even if the app shows no signs of malfunction on the developer’s device.

“We decided to make the Kaspresso framework publicly available as the creation of a framework for autotests requires a lot of effort and resources. Furthermore, self-testing tools for Android simplify mobile developers’ lives. We tried to combine the best resources and practices into one tool and put our own best practices and experience into it. We hope that with the help of Kaspresso, mobile developers will create better and more reliable Android applications. We also consider that users and the entire industry will benefit from this,” says head of mobile products development at Kaspersky, Victor Yablokov.

Mobile developers can tune the app with the Kaspresso Builder and it can even offer up architecture recommendations to unify and standardise UI-tests.

Kaspresso is available to download via GitHub and Kaspersky has outlined some of the features in more detail at this link.


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