Pixels are LED dice that know which way you roll them

Every board and card game fan has a large collection of dice hidden away somewhere made of all manner of designs and materials. What they probably don’t have is any dice with RGB LEDs, wireless charging and orientation sensing, and that’s where Pixels comes in.

Pixels are a new kind of dice being created by Systemic Games that is doing the rounds on social media at the moment.

Aside from the features mentioned above these dice are customisable so you can control how you you want them act while being rolled and when they land. Want an interesting blue streak across the table when you roll a die, followed by a rainbow light show on a natural D20? Well you can programme that here.

This functionality is backed up by the fact that the project is open source with a Hackaday page that you can already dig into if you’re inclined.

Once you’ve finished with your gaming session Pixels charge wirelessly with an estimated five hours of life. Another wireless piece of tech packed in is Bluetooth, with promised app integration so there’s the potential to record dice rolls directly into the digital game you’re playing.

If you’re sold and already reaching for the credit card, Pixels are unfortunately not available yet. The project is going to be crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a campaign scheduled for June of this year.

D4, D6, D8, D10/100, D12 and D20 variants are planned in a range of colours, together with a charging case and a D&D set. Right now the estimated price per die is $25 – $30. While that is a high amount per die we’ve seen custom made analogue dice selling for that much, and usually more, so we think it’s a fair amount.

There is, of course, the worries of delays and delivery failure common for crowdfunding, so it’s time to wait and see how it goes.

To stay in the loop it’s suggested that you visit the Pixels site and sign up for the newsletter. 


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