Salvager's Helper from The Outer Worlds

Help yourself to a 3D print of Salvager’s Helper from The Outer Worlds

We may be a few months passed the release of The Outer Worlds but the game is still being talked about and it’s served as an inspiration for this creation: a full scale replacia of the Salvager’s Helper gun, which can also substitute for the Light Pistol as the two share the same in-game model.

Maker Kailey Savage, who goes by “bigweirdobuilds” online, is behind this project and she was kind enough to explain how it was made.

Starting in Fusion 360 for the modelling work, the pistol took between five and ten hours to complete.

“Designing this was pretty straight forward after Boo – I learned a lot about Fusion 360 on that project that I was able to apply to this one,” Savage tells us.

“Boo” there is The Boo + gun from Borderlands 3 that Savage also made. We’ll have a feature on that too in the near future.

Printing was a bit more difficult as it resulted in many ridges that needed to be worked on once finished. Despite this printing took 14 hours to complete.

To address those ridges glazing putty was used together with automotive primer and lots of sanding.

Painting here was relatively simple, at least in comparison to the more stylised look of something from Borderlands. Aside from matching the colours, particular attention was paid to the shadows and highlights to best match how the gun looks in the game.

When completed this piece measures in at 7 X 6 X 1.5 inches (17.78 X 15.24 X 3.81 centimetres). That’s big enough for display while still being easy enough to carry for cosplay.

The files to make your own Salvager’s Helper or Light Pistol are available for free on Thingiverse.

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