3D Printed Chocobo is tiny and magnetic

With the Final Fantasy games finally coming to Xbox Game Pass and baby characters being so popular, it’s the perfect time to look at this 3D printed Chocobo complete with a metal beak.

Maker Bryan Lin is the one behind this project, but it has its origins in two different 3D printed projects.

The design of the baby Chocobo itself was created by Thingiverse user tombart in 2019. The idea for a magnetic beak to hold various objects comes from this recreation of the goose from Untitled Goose Game by user gynni.

Using Windows 3D Builder Lin combined the two in a few minutes, making space for a small 0.6 X 0.4 centimetre rare earth magnet, as well as creating a base to make things a bit sturdier.

Printing took just under seven hours to complete with the assembled Chocobo measuring in at 9.6 X 7 X 4 centimetres excluding the base. That part of the project is 6 X 6 X 0.4 centimetres, so it shouldn’t eat up much more filament or time if you choose to include it.

Painting here was not necessary due to an appropriate colour of filament being used, but the extra details there were added on were done so with an Ultra Fine Sharpie marker.

“A long time ago when I played FFXI, my favorite item was a ring that transformed you into a baby Chocobo. In fact, I spent a lot of my idle time in game running around as this cute creature, so I was delighted to find tombart’s Chocobo chick model. I also had a request at the time to print Entitled Goose from Untitled Goose Game, so when I was done with that, I thought wouldn’t it be adorable to have a baby Chocobo stealing my keys instead of a goose? So I added a negative 6mm x 2mm cylinder to the Chocobo chick model and made myself a klepto baby Chocobo,” Lin says about the project.

This version can be downloaded for free from Thingiverse. If you prefer it without the magnet indent that’s available from the same place.

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