Chelsea Manning to be released following court order

Former analyst for the US Army, Chelsea Manning, is set to taste the free air once more following an order by a judge.

The court order comes from US District Judge Anthony Trenga who found that Manning’s detention no longer serves a “coercive purpose”.

“The court finds that Ms. Manning’s appearance before the Grand Jury is no longer needed, in light of which her detention no longer serves any coercive purpose. The Court further finds that enforcement of the accrued, conditional fines would not be punitive but rather necessary to the coercive purpose of the Court’s civil contempt order,” wrote Trenga.

“Accordingly it is hereby ordered that Chelsea Manning be, and she hereby is, immediately released from the custody of the Attorney General; and it is further ordered that Chelsea Manning’s Motion [Doc.31] be, and hereby is, denied with respect to Ms. Manning’s request to vacate the conditional fines accrued against her to date, and it is otherwise denied as moot,” the judge added.

Manning was also ordered to pay $256 000 in conditional fines which began accruing in May 2019. Those fines came as a result of Manning refusing to testify.

Despite having her sentence commuted by President Barack Obama in 2017, Manning was jailed in May last year after refusing to cooperate with a grand jury.

While it may seem strange for Trenga to allow Manning to walk free, he was after all the one who put her in prison last year, that might be due to Julian Assange currently being tied up in an extradition hearing.

[Via – The Verge] [Image – CC BY ND 2.0 torbakhopper]


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