Pornhub gives Italy free Premium amid coronavirus outbreak

One of the countries hit hardest by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is Italy, which is currently affected by a nationwide quarantine. Always a company to help the people, Pornhub has announced that residents of Italy will be able to access their paid service, Premium, for free.

On top of this the popular porn website is making donations from its Modelhub proceeds to the cause. Modelhub is a platform similar to Pornhub but with a greater focus on paid clips and financially supporting the uploaders to the site.

“Pornhub is donating its March proceeds from Modelhub to support Italy during this unfortunate time (model earnings will remain untouched). Italy will also have free access to Pornhub Premium throughout the month. Forza Italia, we love you! ????” Pornhub writes on Twitter.

Those in Italy who visit the site now will see a banner at the top of the page mentioning this promotion. Clicking on it will take them to a page requiring that an account is created.

Unlike most “free trial” type deals there is no need to provide credit card details.

This is far from the first time Pornhub has given away services or money for a good cause. The company offers a free VPN and even has a dedicated programme called Pornhub Cares which tackles various social causes. In August of 2019 Pornhub Cares took on plastic pollution with the “Dirtiest Porn Ever” campaign.

Regardless on anyone’s thoughts on pornography and its consumption and sale, you have to admit that this company does a lot of social good with no real reward to them.

Sure, many can argue that this is all for publicity and, by writing about it, we’re kind of fuelling that. For the average person on the street, however, it’s almost always a good sign when Pornhub is in the headlines, and we could all use some good news right now.


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