SMART Technology uses Nutanix to optimise cloud services

The managed cloud services industry is fiercely competitive and at the same time, customers are expecting ever lower prices.

With maintenance on infrastructure being necessary, customers requiring individual attention and downtime needing to be avoided, managed service providers really do have a hard task before them.

So when SMART Technology embarked on a technology refresh it was looking for solutions that helped it keep customers happy, that worked in its environments and met its stringent requirements of course.

The firm ultimately opted to use Nutanix solutions, as it not only allowed SMART Technology to consolidate and replace its legacy systems, it improved up-time as well without requiring more intensive admin.

“Using Nutanix we have reduced the overall complexity of the environment,” says SMART Technology director, Linda Morris.

“Nutanix has given us back the one thing money can’t buy: time to focus on things that can contribute to the bottom line,” adds Morris.

SMART Technology has implemented a three-node cluster solution from Nutanix but hopes to expand the functionality soon.

“Even though it is still early days with our implementation, we are already looking at potential additional modules and an additional block,” says Morris.

“Future operations are moving towards an automated provisioning model. We’re talking to our partners because we have also become a reseller of Nutanix solutions as well as those customers who do not want to go all-in into the cloud, about migrating to Nutanix on premise and offering them a disaster recovery service via our cloud,” the director adds.

Using Nutanix SMART Technology has managed to cut backup times by 70 percent and resource usage has been cut by 60 percent.


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