LG to officially unveil its Velvet flagship phone on 7th May

Over the past few weeks, LG has been drip feeding us teasers for a new smartphone – the LG Velvet. The device is set to be the South Korean firm’s latest flagship phone and, more importantly, will be revealed in full come 7th May.

The company’s Korean YouTube channel shared a teaser video inviting people to the digital unveiling, which essentially means the event will be live streamed.

The firm is kicking up quite a fuss for the LG Velvet, with it likely to appeal to the premium mid-range segment, if we go off of the specifications that have been shared to date.

To that end we know that the LG Velvet will be running the 5G-supporting Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 chipset, which means users will be able to experience an improved level of connectivity, provided they live in a country which has the necessary spectrum available.

LG Mobile South Africa has remained mum on the Velvet to date, so it’s unclear if there is any intention to bring the device into the country at this stage. That said, the firm has already introduced one 5G capable device to the market, despite the broadband standard not being widely available yet.

Given that 5G devices often carry a premium price tag, bringing a less expensive smartphone into the market may not be a bad idea.

For now we have to wait to hear what is being planned for the LG Velvet. It will also be interesting to see how the company’s new smartphone design language translates from renders to in-hand.

Given the time difference, the 7th May scheduled live stream will be happening at 3:00 in the morning locally on 8th May.

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