Smartick makes free trial available for parents home-schooling their kids

As parents await news on when schools will reopen many have had to become teachers in addition to working from home.

While this might be fun for subjects such as History or English, Mathematics isn’t everybody’s strong suit, which is why we bring you good news.

Smartick has made its service available to parents for free for two weeks as part of a trial.

Smartick is for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years and uses AI to assist in teaching maths.

What does the AI do in this case? Simply put it allows Smartick to adapt to the pace at which a learner is learning. The best part is that Smartick presents lessons in short 15 minute sessions so children aren’t bored to tears with hour long lessons.

The application is gamified to a degree, which may help some learners become more invested in learning. Learners earn ticks through games that improve cognitive skills and train their memory.

When the trial is over, a Smartick membership starts at R399.99 per month for one child with the price decreasing with the more children per membership.

You can find out more about Smartick’s methodology here and you can sign up for the free trial at that same URL.


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