Turn your PC into a social meadow thanks to Desktop Goose’s creator

Back in January programmer Sam Chiet impressed us all with Desktop Goose, a charming lovechild of Untitled Goose Game and an office assistant like Clippy. Now he’s back once again with the chilled out Desktop Meadow.

Desktop Meadow has two functions: turning your desktop into a relaxing meadow complete with foliage and birds, as well as joining everyone together and allowing the sharing of letters.

While we’re all stuck indoors and stressing out about the COVID-19 pandemic, we can definitely see the appeal of this programme. The fervent explosion of Animal Crossing: New Horizons proves that few things are as calming as cute animals and relaxing nature.

“Designed to be non-intrusive and easy! Little birds keep you company as you work! Everyone in their meadows are connected via a network of tiny bird mail-carriers. More visitors arrive over time, and the meadow will grow and change with updates.” The official description of the software reads.

You can see a short demo of how this all works in the video embed below. What’s not mentioned in the video is some of the minutia that is programmed in. For example the letters sent between users isn’t instantaneous and instead follows a schedule of deliveries, just like the real mail.

Desktop Meadow can be downloaded for free from If you enjoy it or Chiet’s other work such as the aforementioned Desktop Goose or even Gravity Typist, consider joining his Patreon which gets early access to new projects.


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