Recreated Stranger Things portal machine is 3D printed, 2 feet long

As we wait for more information about Stranger Things season four it’s time to return to the series in the form of a fan recreation of the portal machine from the show apparently known as “The Keys“.

That fan is Parker Alverson who tells us how this project came together a few months ago.

As always things start out in some modelling software with Tinkercad being the one chosen for this project.

Alverson estimates that the CAD work here took around fifty hours to complete. This was, however, spread over five months to make things a bit more bearable.

Printing was relatively shorter with two straight days needed to make around 30 separate pieces required for the sizeable print.

Once finished the model is two feet (60.96 centimetres) long and sits on a simple stand bearing the Stranger Things logo. This stand is needed to protect some of the extraneous pieces, but we can also see this being suspended using some hooks and fishing line.

After sanding some rough spots the model was spray painted in an appropriate silver colour. We really love how the final version looks (see it in the gallery below) and we hope someone takes the files and makes a variant using real metal filament.

Those files are, as always, available for free over on Thingiverse.

If you want something smaller, comparatively less complex and creepier to keep on your desk, this 3D printed Shadow Monster from 2018 fits the bill perfectly.

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