South African game Gorn hits PlayStation VR this month

Local developer Free Lives, best known for Broforce, released its gladiatorial VR game Gorn into Steam’s Early Access back in 2017. Since then a 1.0 release has come and gone for those on PC, but now PlayStation VR (PS VR) players will finally have their crack at it come 19th May.

Free Lives is working with long-time publisher Devolver Digital as well as developer 24 Bit Games. We hadn’t heard of 24 Bit Games before this announcement but, from its website, we know that it’s another South African company that specialises on ports. They seem to have also helped in the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the aforementioned Broforce.

“For those who don’t know, Gorn is an over-the-top gladiator game with a unique, physics-driven combat engine. With Gorn, we wanted to make something that could only work in VR, and that took advantage of all its strengths. We wanted to embrace the chaos of a game where everything is simulated and reward the player for testing the limits of the system,” Writes Adone Kitching, a producer at Free Lives.

Kitching made that statement on the PlayStation Blog where the PS VR version was recently discussed. Unfortunately the story there is more of a boilerplate introduction to the game instead of a providing details about the port, which we’re sure many people are interested in.

Gorn was supposed to arrive on Sony’s VR platform back in 2019 but was delayed. In the middle of April the PS VR release was teased and now we have this final release.

At the time of writing Gorn has just over five thousand reviews on Steam with the ratings pegged as “Overwhelming Positive” at 95 percent of the reviews falling on the favourable side.

You can see a quick trailer for the PS VR version of the game embedded below. It’s a good primer for the title if you’ve never seen it before.


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