28th February 2024 5:14 am
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Brigador experiences what can only be described as a reverse review bomb

While review bombs are common – where thousands of people leave negative reviews on a game for some larger purpose – the opposite seems to have happened for Brigador.

As a quick recap Brigador released in 2016 and, despite a positive reception and and the general consensus being that it’s a great title, it didn’t do very well. In 2017 one of its developers held at talk at GDC titled “Learning from the Doomed Launch of Brigador“.

This seems to have turned around a bit this past weekend thanks to the work of MandaloreGaming. Mandalore is known for bringing lots of attention to games and helping them grow and change. The channel made a massive impact on the Pathologic series and the suggestions for Total War: Warhammer 2 were eventually incorporated into the game.

When Mandlore’s review of the game, embedded below, was posted it mostly praised Brigador and appealed to those who bought and enjoyed it to leave a positive review to help things along, and maybe aid with the development of the planned sequel Brigador Killers.

Oh and another channel SsethTzeentach pops in to suggest the same.

The community answered Mandalore’s call and reviews for Brigador have shot up substantially.

You can see this in the review chart for the game on Steam below. This is substantial when you compare this to something like Doom Eternal, which was bombed back in May for the addition of intrusive DRM.

At the time of writing Brigador has an Overwhelmingly Positive review status on Steam, with 99% of the recent reviews being positive.

On GOG, where Mandalore helped get the game on sale, it has a 4.7 out of five star review status. Maybe more impressively, on GOG’s bestselling list it occupies positions three and four, beating out the likes of The Witcher 3.

All of this would have been a great story about a quality game finally finding an audience, but it has been marred somewhat by the actions of Jack Monahan, co-founder of Brigador developer Steller Jockeys. Monahan recently issued an apology on the Stellar Jockeys Twitter account about years of forum posts containing “transphobic, racist and anti-semitic remarks”.

Monahan has suspended his involvement with Steller Jockeys and Brigador Killers.

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