50GB of Huawei Mobile Cloud storage is going for R14.99 per month

Even if your smartphone has oodles of storage capacity using cloud storage as a backup is a good idea.

With Huawei no longer being able to make use of Google Mobile Services, a lot of functionality from its smartphones has been kneecapped.

There is however some good news for Huawei customers making use of the latest handsets which make use of Huawei Mobile Services.

We’re talking about Huawei Mobile Cloud. Huawei Mobile Cloud offers users 5GB of free storage but there are a few other options available to you if 5GB isn’t enough.

Huawei Mobile Cloud offers up storage packages of 50GB, 200GB and 2 048GB with monthly, six monthly and yearly subscriptions. Packages start at R14.99 per month which is pretty affordable.

Huawei Mobile Cloud 50GB 200GB 2048GB
Monthly (Subscription) R14.99 R44.99 R149.99
6 months (Once-off) R89.94 R269.94 R899.94
12 months (Once-off) R178.99 R539.88 R1799.88


Huawei’s pricing is very comparable to Google One pricing which starts at R29 per month for 100GB of storage. As mentioned though, if you’re using the Huawei P40 series you won’t be able to make use of Google One.

Huawei says that its cloud storage can be used for photos, audio, video, compressed files and even apps. The platform complies with global cybersecurity practices and sports nine-layer protection.

For more information on Huawei Mobile Cloud head to this URL but you will need a Huawei ID to access the site.


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