Cloudpunk update lets you get closer with first person

Blade Runner-inspired delivery game, Cloudpunk, made quite the splash when it launched back in April, and developer ION Lands is still updating the title for new and returning players to its cyberpunk world.

Its most recent update brings some new stuff to the table, the most important of which is the ability to go into first person.

“For full immersion, enter this mode by zooming in the camera all the way until the player disappears. Freely look around with either your mouse or the right stick on your controller. See things that you haven’t seen before. But be prepared to see what the world is made of: Voxels. Lots of them,” ION Lands writes in the update notes.

You can see a bit of this in the video below. Unfortunately the developer has decided to host the video on Twitter which has high levels of compression which kill the rain and other small details.

Other camera modes have been added and changed up too. Both the third and vehicle cameras can now be unlocked so you can soak in the environment while driving around.

For those who played the game at launch and were not happy with the controls, these too have been changed. Mouse steering is now an option and input / key bindings have been overhauled to be fully customisable, even on controller.

Aside from smaller big fixes and tweaks the last change this update brings is Cleaning Robots who will roam the streets and try to clean up puddles. As stated earlier the constant rain is a big part of this game’s aesthetic, so it’s an endless job for the poor sods.


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