Raspberry Pi Foundation offering a free three week online course

While there are countless online guides and tutorials for getting started with the Raspberry Pi and other maker boards, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is now offering a free, official course for beginners.

The three week course, which is simply called Getting Started with Your Raspberry Pi, is being hosted on the FutureLearn platform.

“On this course, you’ll learn how to get your Raspberry Pi ready to use, before exploring what you can do with it. You’ll see how you could use your Raspberry Pi for everyday tasks, to help you to learn to code, and to get started with physical computing,” reads the description of the lessons.

After what’s mentioned above remote access to the board will be explored, as well as other more advanced paths.

While this is all free you will need to move fast to take advantage of it. The lessons were made available a few hours ago and will stay that way for five weeks. After that period a FutureLearn course upgrade for $44 (~R764) will be needed to access it.

If you’re reading this story a bit after release or closer to that five week limit, you may still be able to complete it. The structure of the lessons are to contribute two hours per week to the programme. If you’re comfortable doing more than that, or you feel you can get through the work faster, you may be able to finish in less than the indicated three weeks.

The full course with details about what it contains and how it’s taught can be found on FutureLearn. 

If you’re looking for some impetus to sign up or something to inspire you for a big first project after the lessons, check out our Raspberry Pi archives which feature some great projects from the community over the years. Our favourite of the lot must be this pair of moving eyes made with a Pi and special spherical projectors.


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