The UNSC Savannah makes for an impressive Halo 3D print

The Halo series is no stranger to the world of 3D printing with many of its weapons and pieces of armour being replicated at 1:1 scale. Today we have something a bit different, however, in the form of a slightly smaller UNSC Savannah.

This specific print was made by Alpha to Zeta Industries, who you can usually find making said 1:1 scale props. Branching out into these shrunken down projects and this Paris-class heavy frigate was chosen.

“The UNSC Savannah is a ship from the Halo universe. More specifically from the game Halo: Reach. She worked with the Spartans of Noble Team to destroy a Covenant Supercarrier in a valiant attempt to defend the planet Reach. We are big Halo fans and make tons of props and armor from the Halo universe under our art page Alpha to Zeta Industries. So, when we decided to start making ship models the Savannah was an obvious choice for a starting model,” Alpha to Zeta Industries tells us.

Thankfully someone had beaten them to the bunch when it comes to designing the model here. Thingiverse user 7Fish uploaded their version to the site back in September 2017, so this was the starting point for the project.

Using Meshmixer the model was sliced and scaled, and a pin system was created to make assembly easier once off the printer.

The UNSC Savannah at one point in the finishing process.

The cumulative print time of all the pieces here came to 95 hours. using the pin system the pieces were stuck together with super glue.

As for finishing the seams were filled and sanded. several rounds of filler primer, putty and sanding were needed before everything was smooth enough for painting.

Screenshots from Halo: Reach were used as reference here with a gunmetal automotive paint chosen at the end for the best colour match to the game.

The “Savannah” lettering was added in with a stencil and an airbrush, while the stripe was masked off and painted on. The UNSC Eagle still needs to be applied, which will be done with water slide decals.

As you can see from this collection shot the Savannah is one of many replica 3D printed ships from the Halo universe made by Alpha to Zeta Industries. We’ll have more on the rest of these in the future.

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