The Worldsweeper is a different kind of Transformers 3D print

Transformers which you can 3D print are rather common nowadays with the likes of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and even original characters available. The Decepticon Worldsweeper, however, is something else entirely.

Maker Matthew Siu has replicated the Worldsweeper a giant warship that, rather brazenly, looks like the Decepticon symbol, albeit bristling with guns and greebling.

What also sets the Worldsweeper apart is the fact that you can’t just go out and buy a toy or replica of it like many other popular characters and vehicles from the franchise, and that is by design.

“As a filmmaker, I had the goal of creating potential props or creating a 3D space of concept drawings for better visualisation. But I had another goal. There’s plenty of fantastic designs from Transformers comics and toy companies could only produce a portion of it so as a collector, I wanted to make spaceships and kits featuring the designs from comics (mainly IDW Transformers for now) that never made it to toy form,” Siu tells us.

This, however, presents quite the problem when it comes to creating an accurate model. A lack of reference models and differences between comic panels were the biggest issues here. These were incorporated into a custom reference sheet and then used to replicate the ship in Fusion 360.

Between looking up references and exporting the model only between five and seven hours went into the model here. That’s impressively fast even if Siu describes the Worldsweeper as simply “a Decepticon logo sandwich”.

Printing in resin took only three and a half hours to complete. While intended to be a 18 X 28.4 X 7 centimetres in line Star Wars model ships, the two featured here were scaled down by 50% to fit into a display.

After some sanding the ships received a grey primer, black base coat and dry brushing for the colours and details.

Those wanting their own Worldsweeper can grab the files for free from Thingiverse. 

Aside from that great custom reference sheet mentioned earlier we absolutely love the faux toy advert Siu created for the other prints made so far. The detail here is crazy – just look at the subtle distortions in the shape of the “pages” to make it look like a magazine that has been scanned.

Those other designs are also available on Thingiverse.

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