Weak Rand pushes price of the Nintendo Switch to R7999

Last week we learned that the Nintendo Switch would be getting an increase in price, but now we have an update on the matter and a final new price for the console in South Africa – R7 999.

The reason for this increase is a “devaluation of the Rand”. While our currency has bounced back somewhat, the recent months were not kind and it saw the exchange rate worsen significantly, at one point coming close to R20 to the US dollar.

So how does this price compare to what other people are paying overseas? Below are the current list prices for the console on the American, British, German and Japanese versions of Amazon. Together with these are the converted Rand pricing at the time of writing.

  • USA: $458 ≈ R7 863
  • UK: £349 ≈ R7 535
  • Germany: €419.99 ≈ R8 133
  • Japan: ¥44 280 ≈ R7 084

The above, however, should be taken with a grain of salt. Stock problems have caused pricing of the in-demand Switch to go up substantially outside of official channels. This can best be seen in the US where the RRP of the console is officially $299.99 (~R5 149). Trying to actually find the console in stock for that price is rather difficult, leading to pricing on places like Amazon to be sky high

Locally Nintendo’s consoles are out of stock at many retailers. Even the official Nintendo Store does not have the Switch for sale, but its listing page does have the new higher R7 999 price. You can expect that, as new stock reaches stores, the higher prices will be in effect. Hopefully South Africa won’t see massive differences in sale price like what’s happening in the US.

All of the above refers to the regular Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite, the cheaper option missing many of the console’s features, has a RRP of R4 999 locally. This too is an increase from the Lite’s original price of R3 999 when it launched.


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