You can already 3D print this axe from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In the early looks we’ve had at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla we’ve seen Eivor running around with a pair of axes. Now thanks to the work of the maker community, you can 3D print one of these ornate weapons.

The exact maker to thank is user Glargonoid, who we featured back in 2019 for the 1:1 scale Mjölnir as seen in God of War. it seems full size replicas of ancient, fictional weaponry is their forte.

For Eivor’s axe Fusion 360 was used to create the model. As with many early community designs, there isn’t yet a wealth of reference material out there, so screenshots from the trailer were used.

This process took around 20 hours to complete with printing coming in at slightly less time – 15 hours.

At 50 centimetres long this print will take a while to complete, especially for those wanting to properly paint and finish it. The large amount of intricate detail here will be quite the job to properly capture.

The raw print was smoothed with XTC-3D before files and steel wool were used to accentuate the designs in the metal and the battle damage throughout.

A light grey base coat was then applied followed by the rest of the colours in acrylic. More weathering was done here with a brush.

The files to make your own version of this axe are available over on Cults. Glargonoid makes mention of a four millimetre hole running through the handle, which you can use to align the pieces and add a wooden dowel or metal rod for extra rigidity.

You can see what the finished example with the game-accurate painting looks like in the gallery below. Switch to the 3D view on Cults to see more of how the raw files looked before the post-printing work was put in.

With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla scheduled to release in December this year, there’s plenty of time to make your own before then.

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