21st February 2024 3:33 am
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Aang, Zuko and Korra join Smite in new Avatar DLC

Smite continues the trend of other games like Fortnite and Brawlhalla by adding third party characters to their games as three characters from the Avatar series join it today as DLC.

Aang and Zuko from The Last Airbender, together with Korra from The Legend of Korra, are now in the game as skins. Each of the characters has a secondary skin too so there’s a total of six new Avatar additions to the game as part of the mid-season 7.7 update.

If you check out the patch notes for the updates you can find some wallpapers for each character. Clicking on the speaker icon next to them will also play a short audio snippet of the voice packs included. Zuko mentions the Agni Kai, Aang talks about letting go of fear, and Korra of Raava.

Smite is free to download for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The Avatar content, however, needs to be purchased in a separate bundle.

“The iconic heroes of Nickelodeon’s cult animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra join the Battleground of the Gods in an all-new Battle Pass,” reads the description of the bundle, “This crossover includes three fan-favorite characters as Skins for community-loved Gods: Aang Merlin, Zuko Susano, and Korra Skadi.”

We hope this partnership means that we’ll be seeing more of avatar in the world of games. The Legend of Korra from Platinum Games is the best known game to come from the franchise but it was a mixed bag for reviewers and players alike. It was also removed from digital stores back in 2017, which makes it difficult to experience in 2020.

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