Rain and Huawei launch SA’s first standalone 5G network in Cape Town

At the weekend, Rain announced that it would be brining another first in terms of connectivity to the country, with the service provider launching the country’s first standalone 5G (SA 5G) network in parts of Cape Town.

The company was able to do so thanks to hardware provided by Huawei, having worked with the Chinese firm last year to be the first in South Africa to officially launch a commercial 5G solution.

The standalone 5G billing also makes it one of the few others currently available in other parts of the world, according to Huawei.

As for availability, Rain says its new standalone 5G network is accessible in Sea Point, Claremont, Goodwood, Bellville, Durbanville, and Cape Town City Centre.

“Standalone 5G will further improve 5G network performance with increased uplink rate, lower latency, and improved reliability, ushering in high-end cloud VR and cloud gaming services, more diversified enterprise and home broadband services,” Rain’s chief marketing officer, Khaya Dlanga, explains.

For those unfamiliar with this version of 5G, it supports advanced network-slicing functions and mobile edge computing.

Rain says this will allow it to explore new ideas and customised services based on ultra-low latency and much higher capacity with SA 5G, with Huaweis converged core solution and massive MIMO technologies designated to assist in this regard.

“Standalone 5G will demonstrate how 5G is powerful in realising South Africas 4IR future. Powered by Huaweis global leading 5G solutions, our Standalone 5G will enable the industries digital transformation in the future, such as smart healthcare, smart ports, smart mining and smart manufacturing in South Africa,” adds Dlanga.

“We will work with the trustworthy strategic partner to further expand our 5G networks and bring the best service and experience to our customers,” he concludes.

To find out more about Rain’s new SA 5G, any of its other 5G services, or to check coverage in your area, visit its website here.

[Image – Photo by Tim Johnson on Unsplash]


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