Check the AMAZI Virtual Knowledge Hub, for women

Earlier this week we highlighted the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business’ Developing Women in Leadership course.

Today, yet another resource for women has launched and its called AMAZI.

AMAZI was created by chief executive officer Divya Vasant as well as co-creator and chief operations officer (COO), Lisa Mgcotyelwa (both pictured above) who launched their own chain of beauty stores a few years ago.

During that time Vasant and Mgcotyelwa learned a number of valuable lessons about running a business and as such they’ve opted to share that information with more women.

“We have struggled with the hindrances women of colour face trying to build businesses in an economy that has not changed its infrastructure to advocate for our inclusion. We know the insights from this journey are important and we have used our collective learnings to tailor an offering which we hope women of colour in particular will find relatable, impactful and supportive,” explains Vasant.

So today AMAZI launches the Virtual Knowledge Hub.

Contained with the Hub are a variety of courses that impart entrepreneurial knowledge as well as oft forgotten things such as self-development and technical development.

Courses range in price from R450 to R1 200 depending on the course.

“We have built the platform leveraging off our own unique experiences to inform the content and knowledge imparted through the Virtual Knowledge Hub, so that the content offering proves relatable and practical. While we impart actual skills required to lead in business, we also offer insightful takes on personal introspection which helps build confidence in the woman that is necessary for leadership in business,” says Mgcotyelwa.

The pair hopes to equip more women of colour with the skills, both professional and personal, to build their companies up. We’re told that courses are easy to navigate and quick to complete.

For more information on the AMAZI Virtual Hub or to sign up for one of the courses, head to this URL.


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