Control Ultimate Edition will come to Steam before console & Epic Games

Developer Remedy Entertainment has announced Control Ultimate Edition which contains the base game, its two paid expansions (The Foundation and AWE) and all the free updates and DLC which have been released so far.

While these kind of collected editions are nothing new what is a bit unique here is the release schedule on PC. Control has been exclusive to the Epic Games Store since launch on 27th August 2019. This exclusivity had a period of one year and the game will come to Steam on 27th August 2020.

When that day comes around the Ultimate Edition will be available on Steam, but not the Epic Games Store. This platform, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will need to wait until 10th September.

That being said no one is missing out on any content because of this decision. The new expansion – AWE – is also set to release on 27th August. Those who own the game on consoles or the Epic Games Store can simply pick it up then.

This change also seems to have removed the standalone base game from Steam. Going to its URL brings up the Steam error “Sorry, but you’re not permitted to view these materials at this time”. Unless this is a temporary mistake it seems that those wanting to buy the game on Steam will be getting all of it or none of it.

Packed into this announcement is also a bit of news about the new hardware from Sony and Microsoft.

“As we’ve announced before, Control will be coming to next-gen consoles. Control Ultimate Edition will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X by the end of 2020, with a physical disc-release for those consoles expected in early 2021,” Reads an announcement from Remedy.

Those hoping that their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One copy of the game will unlock a free upgrade to the next gen versions will be disappointed. In the same announcement it is revealed that only the new Ultimate Edition will get you that free upgrade.

This decision seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth for those who bought the game on console early and continue to play it more than a year after release.


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