Cooler Master Raspberry Pi case ends crowdfunding with €300k+

Peripheral and PC case maker Cooler Master has ended more than a month of crowdfunding on Kickstarter for its Raspberry Pi case, bringing in €314 082 (~R6.4 million).

The enclosure, called the Pi Case 40, had 5 468 backers all pledging towards the idea of a sleek Raspberry Pi box.

In doing so the backers have unlocked all four stretch goals that Cooler Master set out for the Kickstarter. Because of this each Pi Case 40 will come with a free VESA mount and 5V 3A power supply. Open source tools for the case and Pi, together with 3D models for the former, will also be released because of meeting these goals, so anyone who didn’t back can still benefit from the project by accessing these files.

The Pi Case 40 is an aluminium, TPU and polycarbonate case that uses the large front aluminium panel as a heat sink. It weighs 150 grams and measures in at 96 X 68 X 28 millimetres.

Because of this relatively small size the portability of the case has been highlighted as a major feature but those who backed the project can, of course, use it any way they like when it is delivered to them during the estimated September 2020 release window.

The world of Raspberry Pi enclosures, cases and other housings is incredibly crammed. On top of professionally made projects like this you can 3D print one, make one out of LEGO, or even just cut some holes into the box that the Pi came in.

While some pre-production units of the Pi Case 40 are out in the wild for independent voices to examine, we’ll need to wait for the wide release in September to see if Cooler Master has managed to make a splash with this idea.

For now the crowdfunding has been a massive success as the original goal for the campaign was just €9 000 (~R183K), and amount which was reached in less than an hour.


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